Build better relationships within your team and organization

Are you ready to create an environment in which you and your team will thrive and build on each other’s strengths? Learn to speak each other’s language and contribute to a workplace that leverages differences for the better. Want to know how?

A not-so-secret decoder

This is how it works

PCM is the premier tool for decoding human interactions. Practicing PCM teaches us how to observe our behaviors, which in turn lets us identify the communication strengths and preferences of ourselves and others. This understanding is based on differentiating six personality types that we all have within us: Thinker, Persister, Rebel, Promoter, Harmonizer, and Imaginer.  A unique combination of the six types takes center stage in everyone. You can practice PCM in four steps.

01. Be aware of your personality

Understanding your preferences means knowing what energizes you and what ticks you off.

02. Recognize what other people do, say, and show

These observations inform you about people’s preferences and the best way to connect.

03. Adapt your communication style

In order to make a genuine connection that feels good for both of you.

04. Build happier relationships

With everyday interactions, at work and at home, every day.

Our team is more connected than ever before.

Fritz Bauwer

Maniging director, Ernst & Young

We perform better through better understanding

Maureen Schreuder

Human resources manager, Ogilvy

My PCM experience was hugely useful in helping me manage the film making journey.

Katherine Sarafian

Producer and Certified PCM Trainer, PIXAR Animation Studios

With PCM I improved my sales and leadership skills

Rudy Lasry

Branch Office Supervisor, Transamerica Financial Advisors, Inc.

The Process Communication Model unites people

Boris Duscha

Retail & Operations Director, Sephora, LVMH

cp Rebecca Amis

Languages: English

cp Stéphanie Baron
Stéphanie Baron

Coach, Trainer

Regions: Kahler Communications

Languages: English, French

Accelerate your leadership to the next level and transform your team with the tools used by world class organisations such as NASA.

cp Ryan Donlan
Ryan Donlan

Master Trainer PCM, School District Administration Certification, Teacher Licensure

Regions: United States & North America

Languages: English

"Hero makers realize the 'how' of communication works much better than the 'what'" (Ryan Donlan & Todd Whitaker, 2017).

cp Karine Duperre
Karine Duperre

Coach, Formatrice

Regions: Québec

Languages: Français

Vaut mieux aller quelque part avec quelqu'un, que nulle part avec tout le monde.

cp Sonja Ernst

Regions: Planet Earth

Languages: English, German, Serbian

“...and all the colors I am inside have not been invented yet.” ― Shel Silverstein

cp Cindy Hunt
Cindy Hunt


Languages: English

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