About me

Nancy Michieli is a speaker, facilitator and communications coach for leaders and entrepreneurs.

She has 25 years in Engineering and Leadership Roles, she is comfortable and confident as the only woman in the boardroom or the construction site.

Her passion for winning teams has led to millions of savings in the Oil & Gas Industry.

Some of her results include:

Saving 9 Million in 9 Months over two events
Developed a new Construction Team
Led a team to save 3 Million on $20 Million and complete the project 6 months ahead of schedule
Aligning Petrochemical Companies, Unions and Construction Companies on Safety Values
Nancy believes that the people are the company's greatest asset, and when you unleash their potential anything can be possible.

Nancy is a certified Process Communication Model Trainer, Holistic Life, Career and Executive Coach and Rapid Transformational Therapy Practitioner. As well, she loves ballroom dancing and is a certified Sommelier. -


Regions: Nancy Michieli Consulting

Languages: English

Specialization: Engineering, Oil&Gas, Petrochemicals, Manufacturing

Phone: +1 519-402-3897

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