About me

For over 30 years, Melissa has built her reputation by successfully leading people, tackling difficult problems and understanding the art and science of the culture of organizations. Her last corporate role was as Chief People Officer for a growing Behavioral Analytics SaaS company and she led them through periods of growth as well as several turbulent times, including an acquisition.
Mid-career, Melissa became intrigued by the Process Communication Model™ and how it can be utilized to lead, motivate, build strong relationships and manage change. For 16 years, she leveraged PCM daily as a strategic advantage in her corporate roles and personal life as well as creating and leading the Learning and Engagement team for a contact center software product based on the model. In 2018, she took the leap from senior leadership roles to founding Moore Insights Group (MIG), a firm focused on leveraging personality insights to improve the employee experience and an organization’s bottom line.
MIG offers a variety of PCM training, coaching and consulting services with a focus on the senior-levels of an organization.


Training Locations: On-site

Languages: English

E-mail: Contact me