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Dr. Ryan Donlan, Professor in the Indiana State University and Bayh College of Education’s Department of Educational Leadership, served for 20 years in K–12 education, most of that time as a Superintendent, as well as a school building leader. He has served in both traditional and charter schools and school districts. Dr. Donlan has taught for a number of years at the college and university level and provides educational program reviews and trainings for educators. Currently, he is Chair of the Editorial Advisory Board of the Mensa Research Journal, and has served prior as Acting Associate Dean of the Bayh College of Education and Chair of the Department of Teaching and Learning. Once a frequent skydiver, Dr. Donlan today enjoys more conservative, contemporary pursuits, such as cooking, reading, professional presentations, and camping. He has written/co-written a number of articles and books for professional educators, including Gamesmanship for Teachers: Uncommon Sense is Half the Work and co-written works, The Secret Solution: How One Principal Discovered the Path to Success. Minds Unleashed: How Principals Can Lead the Right Brained Way, and The Hero Maker: How Superintendents Can Get Their Boards to Do the Right Thing, The School Board Member’s Guidebook: Becoming a Difference Maker in Your District, and All Other Duties as Assigned: The Assistant Principal’s Critical Role in Supporting Schools Inside and Out. You can follow Dr. Donlan on Twitter at www.twitter/ryandonlan, or visit him and www.ryandonlan.com and www.mindsunleashed.net.


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Specialization: Leadership Agility, Adaptive Communication, Team Performance Training, Conflict Resolution, Consensus-building, and Classroom Teaching

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