About me

Grias eich! Guten Tag! Shalom, & Salaam!
I am originally from Austria, living currently in Israel, moving to Germany January 2024.
Ever since I've encountered PCM, I am on a journey, an adventure: Discovering and appreciating more and more who I am and who others are. And the connection with people around me has become deeper - professional and personal. PCM is a great tool and it is a process growing and exploring more and more and deeper and deeper. It's an adventure. It's a game changer in teams, communities and can also change family dynamics. I am on my PCM journey for more than 15 years and with every training I see again and again: It just works. Interested? Contact me and I send you more information.


Regions: Germany, Austria, Israel

Languages: German, English

Specialization: Training (on site/online), non profit organisations, (religious) communities

Phone: +972 58-365-6233

E-mail: Contact me