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A 2-day seminar to master the art of communication


If you’re looking to stand out at work, tackle communication challenges, or elevate your leadership, join our Discover PCM seminar. Get your own Personality Structure questionnaire and start understanding yourself and others.

Next session: May 21 and 22, 2024.
Time: 2:00 to 5:00pm US CT. 

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In PCM Core Topics, you learn the logic around which all human behaviors pivot and how to apply the communication model immediately. This seminar teaches you what you need to be and stay at your best and equips you with skills to connect to the best in everyone around you.

Six half-days led by a PCM Certified Professional, during which you will get your own PCM Personality Questionnaire and learn about yourself like never before.

Next session: May 6-8 and 13-15
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PCM for everyone

5,000 PCM trainers and coaches around the world .

Whether you’re a certified coach seeking to elevate your coaching skills or a professional looking to build better relationships within your team and organization, Process Communication Model® is a game changer.

You have two distinct pathways to harness the power of PCM:

PCM Coach Certification for personalized individual coaching, and PCM Team Coach Certification if you wish to coach more than one person

PCM Trainer Certification to teach PCM and lead larger groups in corporate or organizational settings.

PCM changed their lives

It is literally giving people insight into themselves like no other tool out there

Dr. Eris Huemer

Therapist, author, entrepreuner, activist, wife & mom

I improved my sales and leadership skills with PCM

Rudy Lasry

Branch Office Supervisor, Transamerica Financial Advisors, Inc.

My PCM experience was hugely useful in helping me manage the film making journey.

Katherine Sarafian

Producer and Certified PCM Trainer, PIXAR Animation Studios

The Process Communication Model unites people

Boris Duscha

Director of Retail Operations for a leader in the cosmetic industry

PCM is a total Game Changer!

Suzy Amis Cameron

American actress

Elevate your team's potential with PCM

Discover the transformational power of Process Communication Model within your organization. By decoding communication dynamics and understanding individual personality structures, PCM fosters effective collaboration and ignites motivation.