As a PCM enthusiast, you have now experienced the power of this communication model. In PCM Core Topics, prerequisite to PCM Advanced Topics, you witnessed the potential of its universal applicability.
PCM Advanced Topics helps you sharpen your skills at decoding human behavior, and focuses on miscommunication, conflict, and how motivations in everyday life can change over time. This seminar delves more deeply into people’s stress signals and behaviors. Working with real-life cases shared by participants, you practice intervention and conflict resolution techniques.

PCM Advanced Topics

Analyze conflict and invite others out of distress

Fall 2024 Registration | October 2-4 & 9-11 | $1099

PCM Advanced Topics is accredited by CCE: ICF Continuing Coach Education.

ICF coaches receive 12 hours of credentials for completing PCM Advanced Topics:
5 in Core Competencies & 7 in Resource Development.

What you learn:

Individual motivations

Using the PCM profile as a key, you will be able to unlock your understanding of how each personality type and phase has its own motivations and accompanying emotions. This awareness can predict and protect against long-term or intense distress and its potential destruction.

Failure patterns

With a highly attuned distress detector, you will be able to identify emotional patterns that lead to failure or that delay success in your own and others’ everyday lives. This insight can be deployed to bring an end to non-communication, miscommunication, and conflict.

Context clues

Understanding personality types, you will be able to gather more clues about what people are really expressing in intense situations, conversations, or digital exchanges. This skill can transform any context into an opportunity to recognize disengagement and then reroute and respark a connection.

Advanced Topics show you how to:

  • Use second-by-second observations to track miscommunication.
  • Analyze written communication to really read between the lines.
  • Adapt your own messages to engage the right people in the right way.
  • Identify emotional patterns to short-circuit failures in everyday life.
  • Stop distress from spiraling into conflict and redirect negativity into productivity.
  • Detect how life’s main motivations and accompanying emotions can change over time.
PCM 2 - Advanced topics

What’s next

After completing this seminar, you can become certified as a PCM professional. Choose between the PCM trainer certification track and the PCM coaching certification track.

Know before you go

  • PCM Advanced Topics is taught over 5 half-days.
  • The seminar is 100% online.