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The strength of PCM is not the product, it’s the large impact on life of people who use it. It doesn’t compete with others models, it brings additional insights such as the predictability of distress behaviors and the tools to handle them. Why do we use PCM? Because it works and it works every single time.

Our programs are designed to provide you with the level of PCM Training that you desire. Whether it is for an individual, a team, or becoming certified. Whether you have one hour or a few days, we have a program that is right for you. Contact us for more information.

To become a PCM trainer, you have to follow the trainer certification track. By becoming a Process Communication Model® Certified Trainer you will be joining a network of over 4,500 trainers and coaches from all over the world, a network which is instrumental in spreading the benefits of the Process Communication Model® worldwide.

To become a PCM coach, you will follow the coach certification track. It is designed for coaches who want to use PCM in their coaching interactions. The PCM Coach Certification is for those who will use PCM in a one to one setting. In order to apply to the PCM Coach Certification, you need to be a professional coach or in the process of becoming a coach / trainer. Please be aware that we certify you as a PCM Coach not an executive coach.

Time commitment is different depending on the training your decide to follow. See more information about certification tracks here

The cost of training depends upon which training your decide to follow. We have training that can acccomodate various pricepoints. Contact us for more info.

If you become a PCM Trainer, you will be able to train individuals and groups of people in the Process Communication Model. If you become a PCM Coach you will be able to provide PCM individual coaching only.

The PCM Coach Certification is for existing coaches who are already accredited coaches. We give you a complementary tool for your coaching. By attending the coach certification training program, all ICF certified coaches get 40 hours of credentials, including 15 in Core Competencies & 25 in Ressource Development.

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