You are one of a kind, complex, and evolving. For that reason, communication is never one-size-fits-all. The power of PCM is that it fits into whatever shape and setting you need. In PCM Core Topics, you learn the logic around which all human behaviors pivot and how to apply the communication model immediately. This seminar teaches you what you need to be and stay at your best and equips you with skills to connect to the best in everyone around you.

PCM Core Topics

Six half-day to learn about yourself like never before

Fall 2024 Registration | September 4-6 and 11-13 | $1599

PCM Core Topics is accredited by CCE: ICF Continuing Coach Education.

ICF coaches receive 13 hours of credentials for completing PCM Core Topics:
5 in Core Competencies & 8 in Resource Development.

What you learn:


Using the PCM profile, you will be able to view yourself through a prism of personality strengths and preferences. This self-understanding can shine light on situations in everyday life, which may enable you to truly fulfill your needs, duties, and dreams.

Social intelligence

With deepened self-knowledge, you will be able to decode others’ behaviors and motivations. This awareness can guide you to adapt what you say—and how—to interact most meaningfully with others, including those you once struggled to communicate with.

Stress management

Knowing your own and others’ most effective communication styles, you will be able to spot the first signs of miscommunication and reconnect to get back in sync. This ability to prevent misunderstandings and disengagement can help bust stress and all its unproductive behaviors.

PCM gives you smarts and skills:

  • To make decisions and act with greater self-awareness.
  • To decode human behavior and effectively adapt all communication.
  • To boost productivity through an understanding of motivations.
  • To recognize the onset of miscommunication to reroute unproductive behaviors.
  • To build stronger relationships based on meaningful connections.
PCM1 - Core Topics

What’s next

After completing this seminar, you are ready to move onto PCM Advanced Topics  Once both seminars are completed, you can become certified as a PCM professional. Choose between the PCM trainer certification track and the PCM coaching certification track.

Know before you go

  • PCM Core Topics is taught during 6 half-days.
  • The seminar is 100% online.