As a trainer or a coach, you know communication and personality models and the insights they offer.
Practicing the Process Communication Model® enables you to teach your clients how to understand what they need to be their best. From this place of awareness, they can learn to connect to the best in others.

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Coach, Team Coach or Trainer certification: we have the solution

Core Coaching Skills

  • PCM Coach Certification provides a comprehensive foundation in coaching methodologies. Gain mastery in powerful questioning, active listening, and goal-setting techniques that empower your clients to overcome challenges and achieve their aspirations.

Foster Lasting Change

  • As a PCM Coach, you’ll go beyond surface-level solutions. Dive deep into the root causes of your clients’ challenges, enabling them to make sustainable and meaningful changes in their lives. Your coaching will be a catalyst for lasting transformation.

Elevate Your Career

  • PCM Coach Certification is a prestigious credential that elevates your career prospects. Whether you’re an aspiring coach or a seasoned professional, this certification opens doors to diverse opportunities in the coaching industry.

Our Coach Certification is accredited by CCE: ICF Continuing Coach Education.

ICF coaches get 40 hours of credentials, including 15 in Core Competencies & 25 in Resource Development.

Master Team Psychology

  • Gain a deep understanding of team psychology and communication patterns. PCM Team Coach Certification allows you to navigate the complexities of group dynamics, enabling you to facilitate effective communication and problem-solving within teams.

Individual & Team Growth

  • PCM Team Coach Certification helps team members understand their unique communication styles, strengths, and challenges, fostering personal development that contributes to collective success.

Strategic Problem Solving

  • Equip yourself with the skills to identify and address challenges within teams. PCM Team Coach Certification provides a strategic approach to problem-solving, helping teams overcome obstacles and achieve their goals.

Master Effective Communication

  • As a PCM Trainer, you’ll gain a deep understanding of this model, allowing you to communicate with precision and empathy in any situation.

Empower Others

  • ​As a PCM Trainer, you become a catalyst for positive change in the lives of those you train. You’ll equip them with the tools to improve relationships, resolve conflicts, and achieve their goals with unparalleled success.

Tailored Workshops & Seminars

  • Develop your skills as a workshop facilitator and seminar leader. You’ll be able to design engaging and interactive sessions that resonate with participants, making complex concepts accessible and actionable.

Become a PCM Coach

Elevate your coaching skills with PCM

Fall session | Starts September 4 | $3,499

Winter session | Starts in 2025 | $3,499

Become a PCM Team Coach

Utilize the power of PCM in a group setting

Fall session | Dec 4-6 and 11-13 | $1,499

Become a PCM Trainer

Master the full range of PCM tools

Fall session | Starts September 4 | $6,699

PCM certification
PCM certification

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