About me

Born and raised in the Midwest of the United States as a third culture kid (father = Puerto Rican, mother = Amish/Mennonite background), Justine Gonzalez has served as a teacher, trainer, and communications facilitator since 2008, namely through leadership roles within the K12 public education system within the United States (specifically in Indianapolis Public Schools and Chicago Public Schools). In both her personal and professional life, she has intimately experienced the dissonance of cultural and communications dysfunction.

Trained through a leadership program launched at Harvard [New Leaders], Justine became the Founder of Educator Aide, Inc., in 2017, a boutique leadership and talent/HR consulting firm based in the greater-Chicago area. In 2020, she became one of the first millennial and Latina-certified PCM trainers in the entire world.

Serving globally by supporting cultural capacity-building, her company's portfolio of clients spans multiple sectors. By offering a multi-tiered model of support, their team cultivates the container for you to jump into your learning at the level you feel comfortable.

Justine is a first-generation college graduate having served multiple roles in the nonprofit and K12 sectors. Her passion is helping leaders and organizations develop more inclusive practices and culturally relevant employee engagement mechanisms through the art of communications and the understanding of cultural change management. She hosts the Cultural Capacity™ podcast, is co-author of the 2021 book, The Social Capital Quotient: How to Retain Leaders & Cultivate Your Leadership Legacy, and is a Ph.D. candidate with her research focused on cultural psychology, cultural neuroscience, and intercultural communications.


Training Locations: On-site, Online

Regions: United States, Puerto Rico, Portugal, Spain

Languages: English [1st Language - 100% academic fluency] | Spanish [2nd language - 50% conversational and written fluency]

Specialization: Cross-Cultural Communications, Executive Leadership Coaching, Cultural Change Management, Employee Engagement & Retention, Inclusive Practices/Policy

E-mail: Contact me