About me

Playful, Compassionate, Calm, Strategic, Adaptable and Conscientious are a few words to describe me.

I'm part of the ownership team for Next Element Consulting. Our global network of providers help leaders bring more compassion to the workplace. We provide direct service to our clients through our signature Compassionate Accountability Leadership Development Program and our three train-the-trainer programs.

As a certified PCM trainer since 2009 and a Master Trainer and Coach for Leading Out of Drama and The Compassion Mindset, I regularly work on making a daily difference with our clients, team and my family. In addition, I spend my time collaborating with our team to create messaging and resources for our marketing, sales and client support.

I love to think strategically about how our business can provide the best service and resources to others. My Master's in Organization Development provides a useful backdrop for strategically and creatively striving towards our mission: To bring more compassion to every workplace.


Training Locations: On-site, Online

Regions: Culture Change, Team Communication, Positive Conflict

Languages: English, Spanish

Specialization: Health Care, Education, Training

Phone: +1 316-283-4200

E-mail: Contact me