Discover the Thinker Base-Phase

The Thinker Base–Phase

People with a Thinker Base experience life most often through their Thoughts. They excel at researching facts and making logical decisions. No matter the reality presented to them, their mind naturally gravitates to understand, synthesize, make sense of, or draw a conclusion from.

What are their main assets?

In a professional environment, people with a Thinker Base can bring of inestimable value, as they are responsible and logical. They look for facts and data. When learning about something or someone new, their mind goes to work to identify and categorize. They are very capable when it comes to arranging schedules, following up and initiating projects.

In personal situations, their Thinker Base approach can help them organize their life and family in a manner that allows them time to relax. People know that they can depend on them to follow through on their words. They are also responsible and reasonable.

How to connect with a Thinker Base?

The most effective interaction style to connect with a Thinker Base is: Democratic
Here are a few practical tips:

– Keep focused on facts and logic.
– Give them specific data and evidence. Avoid generalizations. Avoid autocratic leadership style.
Be punctual and respect deadlines.
– They may dislike unexpected changes to plans and be uncomfortable with improvisation, so give as much advance notice as possible.
– Provide them with clear and valid information.

People with a Thinker Phase personality structure are motivated through the Need Recognition of Productive Work. They are proud of their ability to think and implement, and they will focus on the goal and achievement. The implementation is important to them. They know when they’ve done a good job and the recognition of this well done job by others is important to them.

Need for Time Structure is another source of motivation for them. People with a Thinker Phase enjoy their time effectively planned and organized so that it remains under their control. Preparing, planning ahead and coordinating concisely in a specific context is important to them. They usually like rituals and observe the customs.

Your personality is unique!
Quick reminder of what is Process Communication Model.

Everyone has a dominant Personality Type, the type that is seen most strongly in us, and this remains our Base for life. However, in PCM we also identify a Phase Personality Type that the individual is currently experiencing. Our Phase Type determines our primary source of psychological motivation and reveals our most probable reactions when we are experiencing distress.

PCM differentiates among six Personality Types, which we all have within us: Promoter, Rebel, Harmonizer, Thinker, Imaginer, Perseverant. Each type has its own strengths and preferences, and every person has characteristics of all six in them to a greater or lesser degree. Together they form a person’s condominium.

Our foundation or Base is set either at birth or very early in our life. Once this Base Personality Type is set, it will remain unchanged for our lifetime. Hence, whatever our basic Personality Type is, we will always be strongest in the characteristics and behaviors of that Type. Additionally, we have characteristics of all of the other five Types.

The current Phase of an individual will determine what motivates him or her both personally and professionally. Some people experience what is called a Phase change in their lives. This Phase shift often explains the major personality change we sometimes notice in others and ourselves. This is not necessarily a growth model. The goal is not to have as many Phases as possible, but rather to learn how to satisfy the Psychological Needs positively of our current Phase in order to have a balanced, happy, successful, distress-free quality life.

Remember: we are not a Personality Type. 

A different combination of the six types takes center stage in every one of us.
With Process Communication Model, we do not speak about types of people but rather personality types in people. Each Personality Type is OK. No one Type is better or worse, more or less smart, more OK or less OK than any other.

Each Type has specific motivators characterized by differences in Character Strengths, Psychological Needs, Perceptions and Favored Communication Channels. Recognizing these differences is crucial in connecting, motivating and resolving conflict.

Use PCM to identify and leverage our differences. And make a difference for yourself, and others. Big and small. Every day.

You have a Thinker Base or Phase? Here are two sets of hints you could use to get your needs met, both in a professional and a personal context

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