Discover the Imaginer Base-Phase

The Imaginer Base – Phase

People with an Imaginer Base experience life through Inactions (reflections). They rely on their ability to pause and reflect. No matter what is presented to them, their mind naturally gravitates to taking stock before acting. They wait for others to initiate before moving into action themselves.

What are their main assets?

People with an Imaginer Base are imaginative, reflective, and calm. Although they are introspective and often seem reserved, they have a very innovative mind. A good habit for them could be to write down these ideas they have, share them and follow up on them. They can indeed come up with revolutionary concepts, that often others would miss because those need patience to develop.

They need the time and space to come to their own conclusions. Family and friends of a person with a strong Imaginer energy in their personality know that they are not demanding and open to suggestions. This relaxed attitude is very much appreciated.

They can focus on a task for hours if necessary and their patience is a virtue. They usually develop their talents by deciding on a plan and then following up on it. Taking their time in determining what they want to accomplish and then make sure they go all the way is key in their success.

What is the best work environment for someone with an Imaginer Base?

People having an Imaginer base work well in an environment where they can spend a lot of their time alone, without being distracted by other applications or ambient agitation. They also work well when they are alternating between alone and time spent alone. Finally, they function well when they are alone with a colleague at a time or depend on only one manager.

People with an Imaginer Phase are motivated through the Need for Solitude. They need alone time, peaceful and quiet where they know they won’t be interrupted by people, away from noise or external demands. Moments of reflection, meditation, and times to let their imagination run free are particularly satisfying for them.

When this need is met, they feel better, work more productively, and are able to reflect on their life and their goals.

Your personality is unique!
Quick reminder of what is Process Communication Model.

Everyone has a dominant Personality Type, the type that is seen most strongly in us, and this remains our Base for life. However, in PCM we also identify a Phase Personality Type that the individual is currently experiencing. Our Phase Type determines our primary source of psychological motivation and reveals our most probable reactions when we are experiencing distress.

PCM differentiates among six Personality Types, which we all have within us: Promoter, Rebel, Harmonizer, Thinker, Imaginer, Perseverant. Each type has its own strengths and preferences, and every person has characteristics of all six in them to a greater or lesser degree. Together they form a person’s condominium.

Our foundation or Base is set either at birth or very early in our life. Once this Base Personality Type is set, it will remain unchanged for our lifetime. Hence, whatever our basic Personality Type is, we will always be strongest in the characteristics and behaviors of that Type. Additionally, we have characteristics of all of the other five Types.

The current Phase of an individual will determine what motivates him or her both personally and professionally. Some people experience what is called a Phase Change in their lives. This Phase shift often explains the major personality change we sometimes notice in others and ourselves. This is not necessarily a growth model. The goal is not to have as many Phases as possible, but rather to learn how to satisfy the Psychological Needs positively of our current Phase in order to have a balanced, happy, successful, distress-free quality life.

Remember: we are not a Personality Type.

A different combination of the six types takes center stage in every one of us. With Process Communication Model, we do not speak about types of people but rather personality types in people.
Each Type has specific motivators characterized by differences in Character Strengths, Psychological Needs, Perceptions and Favored Communication Channels. Recognizing these differences is crucial in connecting, motivating and resolving conflict.

Use PCM to identify and leverage our differences. And make a difference for yourself, and others. Big and small. Every day.

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