Reflecting on the PCM International Conference 2023: A Heartfelt Thank You!

At the beginning of July, the halls of Palais de la Bourse and the captivating atmosphere of Château Grattequina in Bordeaux came alive with an air of enthusiasm and shared learning. The PCM International Conference 2023 was an unforgettable event that brought together individuals from various corners of the globe to celebrate and immerse themselves in the world of Process Communication Model®. On July 3 and 4, we witnessed a blend of insightful workshops, networking, exchange of knowledge, and unending smiles. As we look back at this remarkable event, let’s relive the moments and the essence of PCM that kept us all connected.

A Global Confluence of Minds 

The PCM International Conference 2023 was a true melting pot of cultures, with participants coming from more than 13 countries. This diversity highlighted the universal appeal of PCM and its ability to transcend geographical boundaries. It was heartening to witness how PCM resonated with individuals from different backgrounds, underlining the fact that effective communication is a common need that transcends cultural differences.

An Array of Expertise

With a lineup of 29 speakers comprising international PCM experts and Master Trainers, the conference offered a rich source of insights. Each speaker brought their unique perspective and wisdom, enriching the conference with a diverse spectrum of knowledge. From interactive sessions to thought-provoking keynotes, the experts illuminated various aspects of PCM, leaving attendees with a deeper understanding and a renewed passion for the model.

Workshops that Nurtured Growth

The 27 workshops offered at the conference provided a platform for attendees to delve into specific PCM concepts and applications. These hands-on sessions allowed participants to experience PCM in action and gain practical insights into implementing the model in their personal and professional lives. The workshops facilitated meaningful interactions, enabling attendees to explore their communication preferences and enhance their interpersonal skills.

Building Connections, Creating Memories 

Beyond the formal sessions, the PCM International Conference 2023 facilitated valuable networking opportunities. Attendees were able to connect with like-minded individuals, share experiences, and forge new friendships. The spirit of camaraderie was palpable, as participants from diverse backgrounds bonded over their shared enthusiasm for PCM. The gala evening held at Château Grattequina added a touch of elegance to the event, creating memories that will be cherished for years to come.

Dr Taibi Kahler’s Inspiring Message 

The conference was graced with an inspiring video message from Dr. Taibi Kahler, the Clinical Psychologist and originator of Process Communication Model®. His words, “Trust your Process,” resonated deeply with the attendees, setting the tone for the entire event. This powerful advice served as a reminder to trust the journey of self-discovery and growth that PCM offers.

Looking Ahead: PCM Conference in Bucharest  

Mark your calendars for the next PCM Conference:   in two years, in Bucharest!. We will once again come together to celebrate our shared passion for effective communication and personal growth.

From enlightening sessions to heartfelt connections, the PCM International Conference 2023 showcased the power of adaptive communication in fostering understanding and unity. It was an incredible experience, and we didn’t just walk away with the knowledgebut also the warmth of the connections formed. Until we meet again at the next PCM gathering, let’s continue to embrace the wisdom of PCM and trust our process on the journey to a better communication and self-discovery.

Thank you, PCMers, for making this conference a truly unforgettable event!

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